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RMR – Lights


RMR, a new music group consisting of three Dutch artists based in The Netherlands: Ricardo Romijn, Max van Lierop and Roy de Valk. And talk about having a great start: Not long after they formed the group, they signed a deal with Powerhouse Music. The only thing they didn’t have yet, was a proper name. They still don’t have that, but after three nights with way too much beer and tequila shots, they decided the first letters of each of their names would do. And adds a personal touch. And now, they can call themselves a producer/DJ/singer-songwriter trio, with their signature sound having foundations in Progressive and Pop music. Bundling those individual strengths has made RMR a very versatile group, with a wide range of genres in which they produce remixes and create original songs. Their very first song together also became their debut single ‘Love Game’. The original demo of the song existed before RMR, when Ricardo and Max were working together as a duo and only had an instrumental which, of course, needed vocals. A mutual friend put them in contact with Roy, and after writing and singing the lyrics, the guys noticed their musical chemistry and agreed to work on more music. Oh, and that mutual friend actually ended up getting a nice reward for hooking it up: They call him their manager now. With the entire team in place, it’s time to let the music speak, and that’s exactly what RMR is going to do. And that’s not because of their insane Dutch accents, but because the music is just that good.




30 August 2017



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