“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

Welcome to Music Hunter

Let Us Help You Effectively Monetize Your Talent

Music Hunter is a next-generation record label and creative agency led by serial entrepreneur Nikita Yakupov. We’ve received worldwide recognition and already worked with hundreds of clients.

Our Philosophy

Music Hunter isn’t just an advertising platform. We’re a new form of internet record label where creative artists – like you – are free to make music their way. Our goal is to simplify the process for musicians to create cloud based music anytime – anywhere. Music Hunter is the platform that will help you boost your musical career and establish your brand.

Our Mission

To solve the many problems of working with conventional record labels and create a platform of success for musicians – today and into the future.

Our Vision

To simplify every part of the process for musicians so that they can launch and promote their music effectively and easily.